Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy mother's day.

Happy mother's day to my beloved mummy.

i really give thanks that mummy gave birth to me 21 years ago.
Never thought of abort me, never thought of abandon me.

At this age of mine, a 22 year-old young lady, my mum was already being a mother of 3 children.
22 is an age full of dreams, adventures, and i'm just gonna start exploring this world.
my mum was already taking care of 3 of us, feeding us, teaching us, rising us up.
she spent her whole youth stage on us, while everyone around her just started to get into youngsters' life.

never want to disappoint her or what.
i'm trying hard to make her proud as what i promised her.
i know my parents' heart, or should i say, all parents in the world sharing the same heart.
the heart of wanting their children to be great, success.

suddenly miss home so so much.
just want to run back home and give mummy a big big hug.
yes, i felt so when we're on the phone just now.
always being manja while talking to her (dad too).
i know i'm a manja daughter to her, always.
even there's always the time i being 'rebellious' or 'disobey'.
i know that she loves me always, still.

thank you mummy, for everything.
i meant it, i'm glad that you're my mum, not anyone else.
yes, thank you, mummy.

i love you.
happy mother's day.

see you next week. (: 

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