Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Birthday To You.

Happy Blessed Birthday to you, son of God! (:

Was really amazed by God with entertaining me by answering my small thought.

9th April.
me: aiya, today don't have the chance to see the birthday boy, nvm la, at least i wished him through phone.

and guess what? we met on the LRT.
so timely that i just got back from work, and he happened that just finish his tuition.
so ngam he entered to the train where i was, and i just awake from my day dream.

haha, He answered our wants! :D


It's really GLAD to have you in my life.
i'm always very thankful that i met you in the college and you brought me into the Family.
sometimes we might quarrel, misunderstand each other, behsiok each other.
they're all out of love, (i guess)?

to me, you're really a very awesome person.
and beautiful
and childish
and detective
and energetic
and friendly
and gentle
and humble
and ideal
and joyful
and kind
and loving
and mysterious
and nice
and obedient
and peaceful
and q (cute)
and responsive
and selfless
and terrible (HAHAHA)
and useful
and valuable
and wonderful
and xenodochial
and young
and zeal

SO, continue to go all out and shine on behalf of Him!!

have a blessed birthday yea! and i bet you had one! (:

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