Monday, 25 February 2013

2013-02-24: we're FOUND!

and we met this lovely lady from Thailand in Haven Church, together with her husband, Keith.

Move the timeline back to the fourth Sunday since we arrived at Birmingham. We went to John Arnott's daughter, Lori's church located in Hall Green. I can still remember clearly, how dry were we on this foreign land, trying to search and seek for anything that could possibly give us some links related to God. And we went to Haven Church, then found by Him! The touch was so so deep, i can't forget how dear i felt i am to God, like a long lost daughter finally found her way home. Being charged up after all. (:

This is only the third time we met with Mona and Keith, a very lovely and caring couple, but we don't feel strange at all, it's like we've been knowing each other for a long long time, it's so dear! Feeling home. I appreciate the moment we can share testimonies to each other, edifying each other with our own stories with God, such a beautiful and wonderful time!

I give thanks that we're able to have this session in this foreign country in such a short period. The main course was the words and the love of God i would say, the feasting is bonus! I enjoy sharing the experience we have, the church back at Malaysia with others, meanwhile, i enjoy listening to their stories too! Both Mona and Keith weren't born Christian, Keith accepted Christ quite sometime ago when he was in Dubai, this shocked us a lot because we thought Dubai is an Islamic country and it shouldn't be that easy to get saved there. But you see, God is so powerful that, He just gave Keith an open door and Keith opened his heart and got saved there and then! Mona's story was quite interesting too. She came to know Jesus when she was only 7-year old, but that time was warned by her parents then she just turned away. Years later, when she went to university, God showed up again, through several open doors. She accepted Christ without letting her parents know, and only acknowledged them 6 months after she became a Christian (when she thought she is spiritually matured enough).

Guess what? We shared the same story, her parents rejected her as daughter after knowing she became a Christian. Well, typical Buddhists' response. Mona told us, her parents just don't bother to talk to her anymore after that, and she just ran away from home. After 2 years, finally everything back to normal, not to say her parents accepted Christ, but at least they were not that resist anymore. Thought of what i've been through before, and sad to say, i'm still in it. Never mind, God is still good yea.

The powerful part was, Keith led us into prayers, 4 of us joining faith, standing in the middle of the living room, started praying for our family. 4 people from 3 different nations, can you imagine the power of interceding?! At that point of time, i can feel God's presence was really strong, i know He is happy seeing us linked together towards Him.

We prayed for revival in our family, our community and our nations. I bet there is no coincidence God let 4 of us gathered together and prayed for each other. I always no doubt on the power of prayer, so yeah, keep PUSHing! Pray until something happens!

Yeah, beyond words i could say.

Big thanks to Mona and Keith, and Big Fat THANKS to Papa God.
Hallelujah! Have a nice week ahead. (;

p/s: thank You for You've found me this retarded lost sheep, and bring me back to the correct path, again and again. (:

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